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Where To Travel In Sri Lanka In April?

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The luxurious and friendly country of Sri Lanka is nestled on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and is famous for its beautiful beaches, fabulous resorts, colorful cuisine, and diverse culture. One must come back home to relish in the unique culture of Sri Lanka. There are several spots where one can visit while traveling on a holiday.

Where to travel in Sri Lanka in April? The world-famous Mount Simeon, which rises high above the lush green mountains, is the birthplace of the God Ganesha.

The Lord’s birth place, which lies at the highest spot in the country, is surrounded by large villas.

During the day, the rolling hills are covered with greenery, the tourists can visit this place in the evening and see the starry sky over the peaks. The stunning views of this region make it a popular spot for many people to see.

The Madaluvam hills in Sri Lanka is another interesting spot to visit while traveling in Sri Lanka. The pleasant cool climate of the region, coupled with the warm temperature, makes this place an ideal place to spend some time. The breathtaking views of the craggy mountains, the beautiful waterfalls and the beautiful flora and fauna around make this a great place to stay and enjoy a picnic with the family or friends.

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Sri Lanka’s warm climate makes the hotel rooms at this place very comfortable and friendly. It is best to go there by car or in a bus during the colder months. The lovely landscape of Jaffna is a great spot to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka.

As it is situated on the south east coast of Sri Lanka, the lovely views of Mount Tambaram, the gorgeous white sandy beaches, and the attractive mangroves in the background make this one of the most popular holiday spots. It is very popular among the tourists who wish to see the beautiful views of the south east coast of Sri Lanka.

The towering craggy mountains, the rolling green hills, and the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean are an excellent way to enjoy your holiday in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has an abundance of natural resources.

The variety of flora and fauna, the scintillating views of the mountains, and the spectacular panoramas of the open countryside make this place a preferred place for tourists and travelers to visit. The beautiful beaches of the country are an outstanding attraction for tourists and travelers.

The beaches of Sri Lanka

The lovely beaches of Jaffna, on the north of the Island are one of the best in the world. Sri Lanka’s long pink sand beaches are the most charming to be found anywhere in the world. Not only this but Sri Lanka’s wonderful cruise ships are also a great tourist spot, as they provide a glimpse of the laid back and unique culture of Sri Lanka.

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The beaches of Sri Lanka are famous for their scenic beauty and natural beauty. The picturesque beaches of Sri Lanka are made up of white sand and crystal clear water that offer a soothing experience to the tourists and travelers. Many tourists and travelers opt to spend their holidays in Sri Lanka, to relax and enjoy themselves on the lovely beaches.

The famous golden beach of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, is a famous holiday spot for all the tourists. The golden beaches offer an opportunity to step into the past, the golden sands have a mesmerizing effect that cannot be described in words. The tourists who want to see a fantastic sunset from the golden beaches, can do so by visiting the hill stations.

eTA for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the countries that can be visited only when you possess proper travel documents. In this case every traveler is obligated to obtain an eTA. What is it? It is a Electronic Travel Authorization system introduced in 2012 by Sri Lanka government.

Now you can obtain electronic visa in your home or any other place in the world, as long as you have internet connection. The entire process is really quick and your eTA can be issued within 3 business days.


All the formalities take place online: filling out an application form, paying necessary fee and getting your visa. The document will be sent to you in an email message. There are 3 different types of eTA depending on what are your purposes to visit Sri Lanka: Tourist, Business and Transit eTA.

Tourist eTA will be perfect choice for every traveler. This type of visa gives you permit to entry Sri Lanka two times and stays valid for 6 months since it was issued. Bear in mind that you can stay in the territory of Sri Lanka maximally for 30 days.