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Do I Need A Transit Visa To Travel Through Australia?


Transit Visa to Australia

Are you planning a trip across Australia? Maybe Australia is just a brief stop during the trip to another destination? Keep in mind that you will need an e-Visa. There is no way to obtain e-visa at the airport so you need to prepare earlier.

Your e-visa will be connected to the passport you will use to submit the application, so there is no need to print the visa. The whole application process takes place online, so you don’t need to leave your home to apply.

The first step of the application is filling out all the fields in an online questionnaire. Everything is really intuitive so you will deal with it quickly. In the second step you can pick a suitable payment option and pay an application fee. After everything is sent and paid, a confirmation email will pop out in your mailbox.

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Approved visa will also be sent to your email address so make sure you provided valid and active email. The obtained visa is valid for one year and allows you to travel to Australia for maximally 3 months.

If you are planning a vacation to Australia, it is important that you know a few details before making your trip. You need to know what the arrival and departure dates are for the country as well as the exact destination where you will be staying. In addition, you need to know if there are restrictions on bringing certain items into the country.

Explore incredible nature in Australia

Australia offers an incredible experience when you get close to these amazing creatures. You can start off with finding a bushwalking trail and see just how far these creatures will go to find food, and then what they will do when they get to where you’re staying. When the Australian bush is your home, it becomes your best friend.

forest in australia

You might see koalas or wallabies out there, though in the last couple of years the local population has dwindled. In the past you might have heard about koalas breaking into the bush, carrying the eggs of their young and jumping into the water below, but these days, if you head into any state, you will find them more prone to socialization. They like to be near people and are great to have as a pet.

Wild animals of Australia

Wallabies have very strong legs. They can run for hours, and when they are in trouble they come up to your car and give you a back rub, just like we do when we are scared. They’re even known to form groups to hunt prey, sometimes numbering over a hundred. When it comes to your holiday, you can really tell the big guys apart, as they have some really distinct features, such as their noise when they are hunting.

Another type of animal you might want to check out in the outback is the koala. In the last few years these marsupials have become quite popular due to a documentary on CNN. This creature is beautiful and adorable, especially at the baby stage. They have a coat that changes color throughout the year, which is really cute and you’ll want to take lots of pictures.

cute little bird

When you come to Australia, you will come across a few different kinds of birds, too.

The magnolia tree has a rather large berry called the bilberry, which is what gives the fruit its name. Not much is known about this fruit or when it was first discovered. It’s said to be the largest fruit grown on Earth and is harvested by the native people of Australia.

The more common birds found in Australia include the grey partridge, which is a long-range flight master, and the cuckoo, which sing to attract mates. In addition to that, there are more birds than travel at high altitudes, like the red-tailed tropicbird, which is a small flight master.